2 in 1 Woody’s and Olliwood

This review isn’t so much about two new restaurants (which it is) but more about the changing face of dining in Tagbilaran. Olman’s Plaza, located along Graham Avenue up from Bohol Tropics is a very ‘western’ style plaza boasting a range of eating options as well as coffee shops and the ubiquitous karaoke bar.

Our first venture to the plaza was on a Saturday Night to try a new restaurant named Olliwood. Olliwood boasts European cuisine, offering an eclectic menu ranging from what we would consider ‘pub food’ (burgers, ribs etc) to more refined meals with a European touch. The European part of the menu seems quite German centric but that is understandable as we are guessing the proprietor is German. On the night in question the plaza was very quiet with only a few patrons at each establishment.


Our second visit (the next night) fell on a Sunday and the picture was very different with the car park packed solid with (badly parked) cars. The Karoke bar was doing a roaring trade and the restaurants looked nicely full as well. Our Sunday night foray was to try the newly established Woody’s Bar and Grill which is a sister restaurant to the Kaylaa Resort situated at Dimiao. Woody’s new restaurant’s offerings reflect the menu at the resort. Again competent pub food done well.

I won’t go into a detailed review of each restaurant as they are a similar dining option. The only ‘surprise’ is Olliwood’s Chilli Sausage challenge. The sausage is available in heat strengths ranging from 1 – 10 with 1 being mild and 10 coming with serious warnings. Being a somewhat cautious fellow I tried the 5 and WOW! Talk about hot!!!! I really like spice and rarely shy away from a Chilli challenge but WOW! I would suggest any brave soul trying this dish read the warnings and take them seriously.
So if you are looking for a casual evening out or an after party hang out the Olman’s Plaza is not a bad option. Both restaurants are similar but offer a nice variety of options. Sophisticated cuisine it isn’t but sometimes pub food is a nice change.

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