2017 Peoples Choice Award Winner – Al Fresco Bay Resto & Cafe

Congratulations to our inaugural winner of the 2017 Peoples Choice Award. Al Fresco Bay.


Check out their review HERE

Restaurant reviews are subjective at best. Everyone has differing tastes, appreciation of service, decor and ambiance. People will even compare dishes to the best cooks in the world…..their mothers! Restaurant owners have the competing challenges of balancing quality and price and being the perfect host. On the other side of the equation is us, the patrons. Again we are looking for quality and value. Sometimes these elements are diametrically opposite to how the restaurant needs to run their business.

With the new world of internet patrons have more power than ever before. Hopefully that power is used wisely and not just a way to punish a restaurant. Over the years we have had tons of feedback on this site, offering new restaurants for us to review, agreeing with our reviews and sometimes disagreeing with our reviews. In each instance our readers have been constructive and offered us a great deal of insight into the food scene in Bohol.

As our readers know each year in September we award a Restaurant of The Year Award. Starting in 2017 we announced another award, the Peoples Choice Award. This award will be announced in September each along side the Restaurant of the Year Award. To participate you simply need vote at the end of each review. Voting will be open July 1 each year closing on August the 31st each year.

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