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It seems that the Chef at The Ocean View Suites has moved on and wow is it noticeable!

We visited the restaurant twice in the last few months. Once for breakfast and once for dinner. The breakfast was frankly underwhelming with several of the resort’s in-house guests showing their displeasure VERY LOUDLY and you can’t really blame them. The food was very poor and the large party of ants on the bread were the only group seeming to be enjoying themselves.

The dinner was equally disappointing with a drastically reduced menu a poor shadow of its former offerings.

Our suggestion is to wait before visiting this resort in the hopes that they lift their game to something acceptable.

We will update the score on our next visit.

______________________________________________________OLD REVIEW________________________________

The Ocean View Suites is best described as a contrast. A contrast of old and new in more ways than one.

First its location – smack bang next to the very popular Blood Compact Site a major tourism stop over for the all too often prolific tour vans. The Blood Compact Site celebrates the treaty between Legazpi and Sikatuna the chieftain of Bohol. So the 1565 event is quite the contrast to the sleek modern lines of Ocean View Suites. Secondly the menu, offering time honoured Pinoy dishes as well as more modern takes on international classics. On our review night we tried the pork chop and the salmon. Both meals were beautifully presented and of gargantuan size! It is obvious the chef is a classically trained saucier as the sauces glistened with real butter and were very flavoursome. We would also guess that the chef has his/her cooking roots in Europe as the pork chop was decidedly German in preparation and execution.

The cafe has a pleasing modern air with great views across the water to Panglao. The service was pleasant but none of the staff seemed particularly well trained nor confident in their roles. While there was no actual wine list the manager (we think) found us a bottle of 2011 Bordeaux which we ‘hesitantly’ chose. I say hesitantly’ because French wines often don’t manage the heat well and in our experience many are off or ‘corked’. Getting your money back on corked wine in Bohol is almost impossible as the wait staff have no idea what the wine should taste like in the first place. Even after a ten minute discussion with the wait staff we couldn’t establish if the bottle had been kept refrigerated so we took the risk and was pleasantly surprised that the wine was not only fine but in excellent condition. (Sigh of relief)

Due to the large portions of the main we decided to forego desert but there seemed to be a good selection of cakes and pastries in the display cabinet….maybe next time.

Overall Ocean View Suites is a nice addition to the food scene in Bohol. One observation however, is that the food doesn’t seem to match the ambiance. The Ocean View Suite Cafe is light modern and minimalist while the food is heavy European and traditional. It would be nice to see some inventive salads or more tropical offerings better suiting the outlook.

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  • Best Bits:

    Nice modernish environment

  • Worst Bits:

    A restaurant going down hill (we will review it again soon)

 Blood Compact Monument, Bool 1227 Tagbilaran, Tagbilaran, Philippines

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