The reviewers at Eating Out Bohol thought long and hard about changing our review rating system. So why do we do it? Well, truth be told we found that the 5 star system was too restrictive which seemed, sometimes, to reward some restaurants while punishing others. Our new system scores restaurants out of 20.

We have five criteria when rating our dining experience:

1. Food
2. Service
3. Value
4. Ambience
5. Magic

Inevitably some restaurant goers will have have differing criteria. If you don’t mind sitting under an umbrella next to a traffic congested road the ambiance score may not be of interest to you. Equally if ‘money is no object’ when searching for that unique delicacy you may want to disregard the Value score. One score you will see on this site that you may not find on other restaurant review sites is the ‘magic’ score. This is the undefinable something or a series of something’s that makes that long lunch or that romantic dinner just that little bit special. Sounds subjective? Sounds metaphysical? You bet! Hey that’s what the incredible experience of dining out is all about.