The reviews you will read on this site are written by passionate ‘foodies’ who have travelled extensively, dining in some of the top rated restaurants of the world yet still crave and frequent the wonderful sites and smells of street vendor foods. We have even owned restaurants previously and respect the challenges that come with running a first rate establishment.

We respect that food, like art and culture, is totally subjective and what one person may find abhorrent others would consider just another tasty snack. A good example of this would be the much loved, yet derided Bolohano delicacy the ‘Balut’ (for those who don’t know about Balut look at our Food Glossary page).

Fortunately for us (and you) we have decided to limit our reviews to what could best be described as ‘main stream’ establishments so it is unlikely that we will offend anyone’s sensibilities.

The Philippines has had a bad rap when it comes to the discussion of cuisine. The discussion always seems to devolve into disparaging comparisons with other Asian cuisines most notably Thai, Vietnamese and Japanese.

One of the hopes of this site is to assist in dispelling this perception and to encourage Filipino restaurateurs to embrace their heritage and at the same time look to the concept of food evolution not necessarily food revolution. Don’t forget, cuisines steeped in fable and history such as French and Italian continue to evolve and develop yet stay true to their roots, even relatively new nations such as Australia and New Zealand (just a few hundred years old) have gone from colonial copy catting to emerge as some of the most exciting dining options in the world. Now that’s food evolution!

All reviews on this site have been written by the people who have actually (recently) dined in the restaurants reviewed. The reviewers have not identified themselves as reviewers nor have they taken any form of payment or inducement to modify their review. The dates mentioned in the review are approximate only as we are attempting to further protect our anonymity. This site will never take advertising from any of the establishments reviewed nor will the reviews ever be retracted. We respect that sometimes a restaurant may experience issues ‘on the night’ and we will endeavour to revisit each restaurant regularly to update our experiences.


The reviewers at Eating Out Bohol thought long and hard about changing our review rating system. So why do we do it? Well, truth be told we found that the 5 star system was too restrictive which seemed, sometimes, to reward some restaurants while punishing others. Our new system scores restaurants out of 20.

We have five criteria when rating our dining experience:

1. Food
2. Service
3. Value
4. Ambience
5. Magic

Inevitably some restaurant goers will have have differing criteria. If you don’t mind sitting under an umbrella next to a traffic congested road the Ambiance score may not be of interest to you. Equally if ‘money is no object’ when searching for that unique delicacy you may want to disregard the Value score. One score you will see on this site that you may not find on other restaurant review sites is the Magic score. This is the undefinable something or a series of somethings that makes that long lunch or romantic dinner just that little bit special. Sounds subjective? Sounds metaphysical? You bet! Hey that’s what the incredible experience of dining out is all about.

Please feel free to email us any restaurants you would like us to review. We will add it to our list

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