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It’s that time of the year again! Well, actually we are two months late. Normally we announce the Restaurant of the Year in September but the year has been somewhat hectic so we are running late. Our sincere apologies to our readers and the restaurants waiting for the results but we think the announcement will have been well worth the wait.

Each year the restaurant scene in Bohol gets better and better and 2016 saw it shift into high gear with new restaurants opening their doors and some of the core restaurants getting better and better.

2016 could almost be called the year of the Italian Restaurant with several  new players opening their doors to the public. Interestingly enough we have been seeing a steady shift from German, Austrian and Swiss themed restaurants to a much more eclectic range, the beneficiaries of this, are of course the dining public.

Before we announce the Restaurant of The Year we would like to take some time to make a few special mentions. Even though these restaurants didn’t win the Restaurant of the Year (this year) they deserve special praise.

Giuseppe: For quality, consistency and exceptional customer service. These are qualities that all good restaurants should strive for and Giuseppe has been offering diners this for over 6 years.

Personal Che’f: For producing unique culinary experiences with ever-changing seasonal menus. Chef Kirill has thrown down the gauntlet to other restaurants with his creativity and eye for detail.

Gerarda’s: For continuing to offer amazing value to its patrons as well as letting visitors to Bohol have a chance to experience quality Filipino cooking.

So……To this year’s Winner.

When this site was started 6 years ago we called it Eating Out Bohol, not Eating Out Panglao or Alona or Tagbilaran but Eating Out Bohol. We did this because we hoped we would be able to broaden the horizon of the dining public both physically and metaphorically. Unfortunately this was a difficult task as the vast majority of quality dining establishments are either clustered around the city or the main tourism areas.

Even so earlier this year our reviewers met to discuss the overall restaurant scene and to see if we could broaden the horizon a bit. The obvious answer was to travel to Anda and see what the dining scene was like. Over the next few months we visited 8 restaurants in Anda most of which were resort based and unfortunately not really up to a review. All except one and what a surprise it was.

Amun Ini is not just a restaurant in a resort but a world class restaurant in a resort. It is without question a restaurant that deserves the accolade of Bohol Restaurant of the year for 2016. Amun Ini ticks all the boxes. Beautiful ambiance, highly trained staff, quality fresh produce, creative unique dishes expertly prepared and a real eye for detail.

It’s hard to find anything wrong with this restaurant and our only small criticisms are the paper serviettes and the owner (we think) wandering around in a tatty T-shirt. But these are small things compared to the gastronomic delights on offer here.

On our visits our reviewers tried many of the dishes on offer and not once were they disappointed. It’s hard to recommend just one ‘go to’ dish as they were all superb.

Congratulations Amun Ini! This is the highest rating we have given by far. It has certainly raised the bar for other restaurateurs in Bohol.

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  • Best Bits:

    A truly international class restaurant

  • Worst Bits:

    Paper napkins (but we are just nit picking)

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