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It is always hard reviewing a restaurant based in a resort as all our previous experiences have confirmed our view that Bohol resorts concentrate their efforts in their accommodation and food is a secondary affectation. There are a few exceptions (Peacock Gardens for one) but they are the exception….not the rule. This trepidation was still with us when we went to review the Ananyana Resort and Spa.

The rumour mill had been in full swing for the last year or so that the restaurant was well worth a visit, we were reluctant but decided that a resort/restaurant that had people talking was one that was worth a visit. So with mixed expectations in hand we made our way out to the resort.

The approach to the resort didn’t bode well with the entry to the restaurant through a carpark, washing area and down the side of the open kitchen. This isn’t overly enticing nor welcoming but we realised that this is a beach resort so all the action would be facing the water.

When we arrived we were professionally greeted and whisked to our table on the beach under capice lamps. We assume we were ‘whisked’ as there seemed to be a large group of very fit people occupying the main part of the restaurant. We later learned they were triathletes. The down side of that is we didn’t get to see much of the resort and the large group certainly impacted on our service later in the evening.

The staff at Ananyana Resort and Spa are obviously professionally trained and the ambiance on the beach is suitably relaxing. The menu is refreshingly simple but offers enough variety however we struck a few ‘out of stock sir’ moments which is alway off putting. In the end our party ordered the fish curry, shrimp on risotto, a fried chicken dish and a squid dish…..

Then the waiting began…15 minutes, 30 minutes, 45 minutes….at this point we politely enquired about our meal and were told ‘soon sir’. So one and a half hours after ordering our meal we were served. Was it worth the wait? Kind of…..

The fish curry was superb and one of the best we have had in Bohol. The squid competent but nothing unique. The shrimp were nicely cooked but the risotto was certainly not risotto but more like fried rice. The chicken…well let’s just say it was fried chicken, nothing special.

Would we recommend Ananyana Resort and Spa? Maybe. We will try the restaurant again and see if it was just a case of ‘a bad performance on the night’. Maybe lunch is a better option but frankly for a mature resort to have the ‘out of stock’ syndrome and very tardy service the food would have to be spectacular to rebalance the overall experience.

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Lot 2C, Doljo Beach – Panglao Island, Bohol, Philippines Panglao, Bohol 0912 594 7486

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