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By the nature of population densities and tourism infrastructure most of our reviews are naturally centred around Panglao and Tagbilaran. That’s not to say however that there are not other credible restaurants further afield across Bohol its just that they need some extra effort to find them and check them out which of course is half the fun.

A recent excursion up the west coast of Bohol found us searching for something to eat at around lunchtime when we spied the Anchor’s Up Grill and Restaurant (somewhere on the right hand side between the turn off to Clarin and before Inabanga).

The Anchor’s Up Grill and Restaurant is a neat and tidy restaurant with a choice of inside or alfresco dining and also boasts a B&B for those in need of an overnight stay. We had a quick look at the rooms which were basic but clean with everything you would need for a short stay at a very reasonable price. The restaurant also boasts a stage inside with drum kit in situ so we assume the night life maybe something to head back for. The restaurant is decorated with picture of ships, continuing the nautical theme and (we assume) harking back to the career of the owners.

On the day we arrived it was obvious that they were not experiencing much in the way of trade as we were met with wide eyed stares and a tad of disbelief. Even so the staff quickly jumped to action and rustled us up our order of the ‘Captain’s Choice BBQ Platter which we were assured was ‘good for two’ (which it wasn’t), a serving of fried Calamares and some rice. The food was competent but nothing out of the ordinary and the staff were efficient and friendly.

While the Anchor’s Up Grill and Restaurant can’t be considered a gastronomic adventure it’s a nice option for lunch if you find yourself in that neck of the woods.

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  • Best Bits:

    Somewhere to eat on the west coast when having a drive

  • Worst Bits:

    Be prepared for ‘out of stocks’ if the owner is AWOL

On the western road heading towards Talibon. Between the exit to Clarin before Inabanga

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