There has been an interesting trend recently in Bohol which, unfortunately, seems to be copied from a bigger global trend. The trend is ‘sizing up’ or ‘all you can eat’. It seems from reading the marketing blurb accompanying these offers is that it is designed to offer greater value to customers through quantity. I get why this is happening and in some ways I sympathise with the restaurants that are doing it….but

There is no question that Bohol is going through a trying time with natural and man made disasters being piled one on top of the other and resort occupancies plummeting. Like all interconnected tourism businesses restaurants are really feeling the pinch so I understand that finding and retaining customers is even more important now than ever before. The real issue here is that there seems to be a proportional slide in quality in direct proportion to the increase in size of the meal. So the question for restauraters is this. Is increasing quantity over quality really where you want to take your establishment? And where to from here if things don’t improve?

In the end the customers will vote with their feet (or taste buds) but I believe this move towards quantity over quality will do nothing for the reputation of the food industry in Bohol overall.

On a lighter side you may find the video below interesting.