With a population of over 1.2 billion it isn’t hard to see why Indian Cuisine is a force to be reckoned with. But it’s not just India where Indian food is popular. Take any mature destination and you will always find a few Indian restaurants either catering for the Indian community or catering for Indian food lovers who have discovered the joys of well crafted Indian offerings.


As keen travellers we have eaten Indian food in Thailand, Laos, England, Greece, Italy and the list goes on. We have even spent several months in India exploring the amazing variety of regional cuisine from north to south, east to west.

The search for Indian Cuisine in Bohol has been somewhat illusive ever since this site started several years ago. Sure, we found a few tentative (and somewhat transient) players such as theIndian Curry Garden (click for the review) and the more recent and now defunct Bolliwood (we understand its now primarily a Karaoke Bar). And yes there is an Indian offering in the Gallery Luisa but when the proprietor (Indian) didn’t know that a curry leaf existed and didn’t even believe us when we described it, we just sighed and moved on. But, Dear Readers, we can now report that there is a REAL Indian restaurant in Bohol!
First things first. The proprietor of the aptly named Bohol Curry House isn’t Indian. He is actually British which, in our minds is the next best thing because the British have truly adopted the cuisine and in someways can often be better practitioners of the subtle art of Indian cooking than the cuisine’s namesakes.

Secondly, if you are looking for a stylish Indian restaurant you will be sadly disappointed as the ambiance of the Bohol Curry House is somewhat karaoke bar – pool table style and has little to offer visually.

But let’s concentrate on the food. We have visited the restaurant several times. Each time (other than the karaoke – pool table thing) you would be hard pressed to believe you were eating in the same restaurant each time as the food was incredibly variable. The variability ranged from average but acceptable, through to excellent…and everything in-between. When this happens it makes a food reviewer’s task REALLY difficult!

During our several visits we have tried most of the menu, which by the way, changes monthly based on what, we assume, the owner can source (this is professional and nice touch). The really Go To dishes have been the Lamb Dhansak and the Prawn Bhuna. But sometimes other dishes have excelled. Portions are generous and the accompanying selection of side orders are great value with the home made (and available for takeout) mango chutney to die for.

The service can best be described as ‘when the cat’s away the mice will play’. When our visits coincided with the owner’s presence the service was competent. However, when the owner was AWOL the service dropped in direct proportion to how high the volume was on the basketball playing on the television.
Ok. So, how to rate this restaurant? The restaurant shows great promise and one can only hope with some added investment and a better eye on consistency that this will become a stalwart of the Bohol food scene. We genuinely hope this venture continues and will watch with interest. In the meantime the restaurant is ‘running with the 3 star pack’ and considering the lack of ambiance that’s not too bad company to be amongst.

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