What an amazing year 2017 has been for Bohol. There has undoubtably been some low points for the island with natural and man made disasters but overall the resilience of the community has been nothing short of inspirational.

The tourism and hospitality sector has felt the effects along side the rest of the community but the number of new restaurants coming onto the scene speaks volumes for the future of the restaurant scene in Bohol. This year also saw the inaugural Peoples Choice Award won by Al Fresco Bay.

So….It’s September again and time to announce the 2017 Eating Out Bohol Restaurant of the Year.

Not surprisingly our previous awardees have all been established businesses who have survived the test of time and built a loyal following from both locals and tourists alike. Past winners have included Gerarda’s, Giuseppe’s, the Peacock Garden and Amun Ini .

This year for the first time we are incredibly excited to announce that a new player has won the award, Bougainvillea Spanish Restaurant!

Our reviewers debated long and hard about awarding a restaurant, that isn’t even a year old, with the coveted Restaurant Of The Year Award but during the discussion the word ‘passion’ was voiced over and over again.

And in some ways this really describes this restaurant and its owners. Every time one of our reviewers visited the restaurant they were greeted with big smiles, whisked to their table then regaled with the happenings, specials and new experiments the chefs had concocted. Each visit was refreshingly different and showed that the chefs weren’t just going to sit on their laurels and coast but were going to strive for something special. And in our eyes this is the ultimate expression of passion.

Bougainvillea Spanish Restaurant isn’t just about passion but an amalgam of what makes a restaurant great. Service, ambiance and of course, the food which is as traditional and authentic as the owners themselves.

So….Congratulations Bougainvillea Spanish Restaurant. A well deserved win for 2017!

You can read the original review here.