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We had a number of readers contact us about this new ‘asian fusion’ restaurant that had sprung up in town so, fascinated we headed out with a couple of our reviewers to give it a try. Strategically located not far from Shang Palace, at least we assume it was strategic, the restaurant has a style somewhere between a bistro and a fast food joint. The menu is not large but offers a fair amount of choice ranging from Japanese to Chinese, soups and other meat dishes. Unfortunately when we placed our orders we got quite a number of ‘out of stock sir’ sheepish replies. When we finally discovered what was available we tried a number of dishes across the various ‘fusion cuisines’.

Like so many mid range restaurants in Bohol the food was lackluster and the service was mediocre at best. Apparently the chef is Japanese trained but it seems he is being let down by the produce and his staff.

This is the type of place that you drop into for a quick bite when going from A to B but unfortunately the food doesn’t live up to the promise

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Chef Loy Restaurant
Taloto District

6300 Tagbilaran City

Phone 0915 471 9744

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