Eat Me (Korean)….Maybe not!



 You would be easily forgiven to think that with all the Koreans wandering around Alona nowadays that it would be easy to find a plethora of good Korean dining options. Well, this very thought was on our mind the other night when we drove past ‘Eat Me’ on the road between Alona Beach to Panglao. Let’s start with the fact that we LOVE Korean food and have dined at some exceptional Korean restaurants around the world. Actually our absolute favourite Korean Restaurant is actually in Luang Prabang in Laos.

Our first attempt to eat at Eat Me was foiled when we were told in no uncertain terms that the restaurant was booked out! What! A restaurant booked out in Bohol? This was a surprise indeed. As it turned out the restaurant wasn’t technically booked out but ‘reserved for a large party of Koreans.

Our next attempt was more successful. Let’s start with the restaurant layout. The layout of the restaurant is nice with open air undercover dining featuring a central bar and nice lawns. The restaurant is actually androgynous enough to offer any cuisine, which is good because (unless they improve their food) they won’t be in business very long.

We try hard to be as positive and constructive as we can in reviews but in the case of Eat Me we struggled and frankly we were incensed in how bad it was. Our meal started with a Kimchi Soup. When it turned up we couldn’t believe our eyes or nose, the dish was obviously packet instant noodle soup! It’s available at any supermarket for under P 50. The rest of our meal, while not as bad, was equally disappointing. The battered squid with sweet and sour sauce was a pasty conglomerate of gunk drowned in a thick molasses of one of the worst sweet and sour sauces we have ever had the displeasure of attempting to eat. The sizzling gambas was a tad better but not much.

I can only hope that the Korean crowd that attended the ‘booked out evening’ had a better experience otherwise the potential Korean market for Alona will stay away in droves!

If you are desperate for Korean food, new Korean restaurants are popping up all over Alona. Maybe try one of the others before venturing here

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Alona, Hontanosas Rd. Panglao, Boho

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