Gerarda’s 2012 Restaurant of the Year



UPDATE: Gerarda’s – Winner of the 2012 Eating Out In Bohol Restaurant of the Year Award

It never ceases to amaze me how a new business can start up in Bohol but unless you are Boholano or have accidentally seen it in passing it could be operating for years before you find out about it. Boholanos seem to have this almost physic ability to communicate news that seems to make redundant mass media such as television and newspapers (watch out Rupert Murdoch).

A case in point is Gerarda’s, which we understand opened late 2010 or early 2011 (we don’t know as we are unfortunately not Boholano nor physic).

Tucked away in a back street of Tagbilaran, Gerarda’s  is one of those true finds that speak copious amounts about Filipino cuisine as well as their business tenacity and patience. The restaurant sits resplendently in a newly refurbished old house yet has a sense that it has been operating for years. The decor is an eclectic mix of Filipino and Chinese and we assume Gerarda’s owners are of Chinese heritage. The walls are lined with antique pottery and nick knacks as well as family portraits dating back generations. All in all the decor is homely comforting and makes you instantly relaxed and in the mood to peruse the menu.

Speaking of the menu, while not overly large (like some Bohol menus) it offers a more than adequate and diverse range of delicacies reflecting both Bohol and a more broader Filipino influence. You won’t find it difficult to find something that takes your fancy.

Our first few forays to Gerarda’s  were for business meetings (hence how we found it) and we were instantly captivated and couldn’t wait for a chance to get back for a less formal visit. Our review evening reflected our earlier visits. Very competent staff (say hello to the unassuming Nofry), extremely high quality produce and an eye for detail with each dish.

Our repast for the evening was a selection of several dishes including Seafood Kare, a delicious concoction of peanut based coconut broth and seafood, a house specialty and a ‘must have’.

We also enjoyed Pinakbet a vegetable dish with origins from the northern regions of the Philippines, Sinugba Pork, delicate and nicely marinated and finally crispy micro Shrimps, a dish we recently had in a top class restaurant overseas. Geradar’s version was equally as good but at about 100th of the price of what we paid overseas it was an absolute knock out.

Geradar’s also offer a range of banquet style meals for six or more (we rarely dine with more than four) so larger groups and big families would be well catered for.

As you can see from the review we were again mightily impressed with Geradar’s and its wonderful showcase for Filipino food.

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  • Best Bits:

    A real taste of quality Pinoy Cuisine

  • Worst Bits:

    The restaurant is becoming so successful you may need to book

30 J.S Torralba Street Tagbilaran City

(In front of City Central School or behind Tagbilaran Community Hospital) 090 8264 6726

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