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Ok let’s start off by saying Gerry’s Grill is a franchise. Obviously a successful franchise as they have outlets throughout the Philippines, Singapore and the USA but still a franchise and the very nature of franchised food outlets tell you that you are never going to end up with a five star rated restaurant. Why? Well, it’s simply the nature of the business. Franchises are all about consistency; consistency of product (food), service, fit out and pricing. This is a formula and as such doesn’t encourage individuality and creativity. And let’s face it, without individuality and creativity you don’t get exciting food.

Now we are not saying Gerry’s Grill hasn’t got good food, it is actually very competent and a nice option (before or after a movie) to the food hall fare that seems to attract thousands of students every lunch and evening. Our experience is the food lives up to its name. If you are after grilled or fried food you won’t be disappointed and if it’s your birthday be ready to be regaled with a roaring chorus of happy birthday to you…sung with gusto and good humour by the staff.

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    Something to eat when shopping

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    A franchise

BQ Mall Tagbilaran City

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