Grass Roof Resto


The Grass Roof Resto is a somewhat ‘out of the way’ dining option as it is in a ‘no man’s zone’ between Dauis and Alona on the eastern circumferential road. It’s hard to give accurate directions but the best way to describe it is that the restaurant is on the left hand side (heading towards Alona) about 200 meters before the turn off to the Flushing Meadows Resort. The entry to the restaurant is not overly well lit nor are the paths so you may need to search a bit.

The actual restaurant itself is tucked at the back of a large garden area and has a very nice ‘native feel’. The open air construction of the main dining area is a beautiful accomplished piece of architecture and building. The restaurant has a nice feel and even though the dining area is open it has a comforting warm effect because of the gardens and the subdued lighting.

In terms of the food offerings, the menu is not overly large but offers a nice selection of Italian, Thai, Filippino and some other European dishes. The drinks list is equally modest and had no wine on offer so if you have a hankering for wine we suggest you bring your own.

On the night we visited we decided to stay on the asian side of the food equation and ordered Tom Yum Goong, Green Chicken Curry and Cream Dory with spices cooked in banana leaves. We specifically asked for the soup and our mains be nice and spicy. As the restaurant was not very busy (we were the only three guests) our meal arrived promptly and as requested, nice and spicy! The Tom Yum Goong was wonderfully fragrant with plenty of fresh herbs and succulent prawns (shrimps). The Green Curry was equally pleasant with the fresh herbs and real (not tinned) coconut milk making for a great dish. The outstanding thing about both dishes was the use of fresh herbs and spices. This is a must with Thai cooking and the Grass Roof Resto’s chef obviously understands this. The fish dish was the real stand out dish of the evening. The fish was beautifully cooked and presented, again with fresh herbs. It is a shame that commercial Dory was used in the dish as there are much better types of fish available for this type of dish. We assume this is a commercial decision but it’s still a shame.

Overall it was a very enjoyable dining experience and well worth a visit.

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