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When a new restaurant opens up along the Alona strip we are cautious, very cautious. Why? Well, the track record of our ‘jewel in the crown go to’ restaurant precinct is anything but glorious. It actually seems that the restaurateurs are actually competing to see who can offer the most average dining experience. Sure, there are some reasonable eating establishments along the strip but nothing exceptional.

Along comes Hera Greek Taverna and once again we head down to Alona with hope in our hearts, money in our pocket and a true desire to find something special.

The restaurant is nicely positioned with the option of beach dining or terrace dining. The restaurant is nicely decorated with fresco ridden walls and a nice ‘Greeky’ feeling. Don’t start smashing the plates yet though! The menu looks Greek, the restaurant looks Greek but the food was anything but. We don’t know if the normal chef was in residence but what was served to us was a long cry from what we know as traditional Greek. (And we have eaten at some of the best Greek restaurants around). On the evening of our review we ordered tasting platters and a few dips.

Everything had a strange blandness lacking the fresh vibrancy you would normally get from Greek food. The herbs and spices used just seemed wrong. The meats dry, the hummus grainy and lacking the good dollop of olive oil. The grilled meats lacking grill marks and almost no Maillard reaction which really signifies grilled Greek meats.

Service was competent and prices reasonable. The restaurant is getting mixed reviews on other review sites with some contributors extolling the virtues of the restaurant so obviously they can produce good food. Alas, this wasn’t the case on our visit. We still await with baited breath for a restaurant on Alona beach that really shines. We are confident it will someday come…..someday.

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  • Best Bits:

    On the beach

  • Worst Bits:

    Very little resemblance to true Greek cuisine

Alona, Hontanosas Rd. Panglao, Bohol

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