Indian Curry House


If you want a casual night out and crave a couple of beers, a spicy curry and a game or two of billiards look no further than Indian Curry Garden. Just don’t try to compare it to the real thing in India or the local curry house in London. You won’t find any exotic silk decorations or heady incense in this establishment.

The majority of Filipinos don’t appreciate really spicy food so if you’re in the mood for a ‘blow your socks off’ vindaloo make sure you explain to the waiter that you do want it seriously hot.

And don’t worry if you walk into a karaoke session. They’ll happily let you join in or if it’s all too much just ask the waiter to show the happy songsters to one of the sound studios next to the restaurant.

There’s a pretty basic menu with both Indian based meals and some more traditional items for your Filipino friends. It’s probably a bit over priced for what you get, and the quality is a bit inconsistent but the staff are friendly and you know what’s like…when you need a curry nothing else will do.

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