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This review was prompted by an email from one of our readers asking us why we hadn’t reviewed JJ’s Dim Sum Restaurant. A fair question, and frankly the lack of a review was simply an oversight on our part as we have frequented JJ’s Dim Sum often, mostly for lunch.

Our ‘formal’ visit to JJ’s (for this review) highlights the problem with inconsistency. Our previous visits to the restaurant had always been rewarding with the restaurant offering decent food at a reasonable price with some outstanding hand made dim sum. Not so on our review night however.

JJ’s has an extensive menu ranging across all the meat and vegetable standards and some real specialties such as the Dim Sum and the Patitam Pork with Fired Bread. The restaurant is a Chinese/Pinoy fusion style experience.

Before we get into the review lets just reflect on what makes JJ’s popular.
JJ’s Dim Sum is clearly a favourite with the Tagbilaran crowd as the restaurant is always busy with people slipping in and out with take away and others enjoying a leisurely meal. We ourselves even have some set favourites such as the hot and spicy soup which we have been known to take home in large quantities and freeze for later ‘lazy’ dining.

Our review night, unfortunately, left us pondering how a restaurant that can hold such a place in the restaurant scene in Tag can fall so short. To say we were disappointed would be putting it mildly.

So to the review….When we arrive we ordered our favorite soup, Hot and Spicy followed by Sizzling Chicken and Mixed Vegetables with Oyster Sauce.

The soup was the first shock. The flavorless stock, delivered luke warm to the table had no suggestion of either heat or spiciness and little in the way of the rich chicken we had come to expect . A real disappointment. Past encounters with this soup had demonstrated all the best elements of a rich and complex chili experience.

Onto the mains. The chicken pieces in the Sizzling Chicken offered some flavour but swam rather desperately in an unappetising sauce. Likewise, the vegetable dish was bland and barely registered with the taste buds. Disappointing again.

Maybe we picked a bad night and the main chef wasn’t working? Or are the standards of JJ’s Dim Sum slipping? We hope not. (If in doubt stick to the Dim Sum)

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