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UPDATE: We have just been advised that this restaurant has been relocated to the Bamboo Bar next door. We will update this listing shortly.


When your evening’s highlight is a bottle of wine and a comfort room you know the rest of the restaurant review is going to be a challenge.

The challenge becomes even more of a task when you know the restaurant in question can do so much better.

Our evening started somewhat late (based on Bohol standards) at 8.15 pm. We were drawn to the Elephant Bleu based on a previous visit some time ago and a number of recommendations from friends. Our introduction to the evening’s repast was somewhat tainted when upon ordering our selected dishes we were regaled with a list of items that were not available, these even included the specials promoted on our table! In hind site it would have been quicker for our waitress to list what was “actually” available. Why on earth have a menu and specials board cram packed with mouth watering temptations and not have them available. Yes, we understand sourcing product on Bohol can sometimes be a challenge but surely it would be easier to have a blackboard menu and save the embarrassment of a menu that doesn’t deliver. While on the subject of the menu, the restaurant should be applauded for offering a nice range of quality wines but once again many wines were not available.

Back to the food. After reconsidering our options we ‘regrouped’ and ended up ordering the Tapas Degustation Plate to be told that (you guessed it) there was no hummus. At this point we just wanted to get on with our meal so ordered the tapas anyway followed by mushroom risotto and chicken cordon bleu accompanied by a bottle of 2009 Cotes du Rhone. The tapas (sans hummus) was a selection of marinated squid in tomato sauce, carabao cheese on bread (bland and in need of some basil or tomato) and olive tapenade.  All the flavours were just ok however the hummus would have offered a better balance on the pallet.

Our mains were somewhat of a disappointment with the risotto poorly cooked and gritty as if the mushrooms were not washed and the dish showed none of the creaminess that you get in a well prepared risotto. I am not sure what rice was used but am certain it wasn’t rice traditionally used in risotto (usually Arborio, Baldo, Carnaroli, Padano, Roma, or Vialone Nano)

My dining companion’s chicken was little better with the crust being burnt resulting in  the chicken and filling inside being overcooked.

The wine was excellent and even though it was over chilled it soon dropped to room temperature (not Bohol room temperature) and was one of the highlights of the evening.

The other highlight? Oh yes the comfort room, read bathroom/toilet/happy tree (Vietnam). It is such a refreshing change to see a bright well painted and nicely decorated bathroom in a restaurant in Bohol. An often neglected part of a restaurants offerings. It was however amusing to see the visitors to said bathroom struggling to find the light switch….. but hey thats the Philippines!

  • Best Bits:

    The wine & Comfort Room

  • Worst Bits:

    Out of stock syndrome

Hontanosas Road, Tawala
Panglao, Bohol
Call 0947 429 0750
2 replies
  1. Simone
    Simone says:

    Bamboo Place – Elephant Blue restaurant.
    New place, new menu, new service since September 2016.
    This featured here is obsolete.

    • Fred Foodie
      Fred Foodie says:

      Thank you for the comment. We have visited the new location twice now but felt it would be unfair to re review the restaurant as on the first visit as a number of menu items were not available and on the second visit there was a brownout. We will however try again in the near future.


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