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And now for something completely different!

This is not so much a restaurant review, its more like an ‘experience’ review. This is also our first ever MUST DO recommendation for any visitor to Bohol. Don’t be fooled by the 3 star rating this is a 5 star experience but to be fair to the other restaurants we have reviewed we need to take everything into consideration. So what makes the Lic Lic experience so exciting. This is a real hands on experience.

Manga Markets

First step – Head over to the Manga Markets – five to ten km from the centre of Tagbilaran on the road to Cortes. Try and get here just after 4pm when the fishermen have returned with their daily catch.
Step 2 – Wander along the isles and check out what’s on offer. You should find tables piled with seafood delicacies. Everything from coral trout (Lapu Lapu), squid, seashells, crabs……The list goes on.
Step 3 – Buy what you like, if you are not a seafood afficionado you can go safe and just buy the Lapu Lapu and the squid. You can also buy your favourite vegetables here as well.
Step 4 – Head across the street to the Lic Lic restaurant about 20 meters down the road towards Tagbilaran (on the other side from the markets)
Step 5 – Head down towards the back of the restaurant and into the kitchen then explain to the cook how you would like your meal prepared. Please be clear and precise as the Boholano cooking style may differ from your interpretation. If you want to play it real safe just get things charcoal grilled.
Step 6 – Head back to your table, buy a beer, order some rice and wait for the magic to happen!

Pippies (not sure of the local name)

On our visit we bought some Lapu Lapu, squid, two types of shellfish and some vegetables. Luckily we were joined by two wonderful foody friends one of which speaks tagalog so there was no miscommunication and everything was prepared wonderfully. The squid was cooked in its ink, the whole lapu Lapu (coral trout) simply charcoal grilled and the small shellfish (pippies) sautéed in garlic, ginger and chilli (Yum). The other shells (I have no idea of the name) was served in a soup. Our accompanying vegetables were kangkong, beans and a cucumber salad in vinegar.

Everything came out perfectly cooked!

Don’t expect exceptional service here nor amazing ambiance. This place is all about the food. And WOW you won’t be disappointed.


1. If you are not comfortable selecting your seafood why not ask the restaurant owner to come with you to help you choose.
2. Like all seafood when cooking, simple is best. Don’t get to creative and don’t expect Singapore Chilli Crab. Boholanos are not known for being heavy handed on the spices
3. Be VERY clear with your instructions. Our friend told us that once that the cook didn’t fully understand about the cooking instructions and the Spanish mackerel ended being deep fried in butter!
4. Don’t expect silver ware nor crystal wine glasses. This is a VERY basic restaurant.

Manga, Tagbilaran City, Philippines +63 908 172 5101

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    A real taste of local culture

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    Not suitable for anyone expecting silver service

Manga, Tagbilaran City, Philippines +63 908 172 5101

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