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When we were told that a vegetarian restaurant was starting up in Alona our first reaction was one of dismay.

How could a vegetarian restaurant survive in an atmosphere where meat is king and access to quality vegetable produce is difficult if not impossible!

As avid Bohol ’food watchers’ we have seen restaurants come and go. Some were never going to succeed, some deserved to succeed but failed due to the fact that they were ‘before their time’. With each restaurant closing we mourned as we truly would like to see each venture succeed. But alas this is not always the case. So when we heard about Luna Rossa we assumed that we were going to see the beginning of the end for another restaurant venture.

Wow. Were we wrong!

Luna Rossa has all the hallmarks of a restaurant that will only go from strength to strength. A talented chef, a well positioned restaurant, lovely alfresco ambiance and from what it seems, a true fan base of vegetarians eagerly looking for something different in a meat filled land of deep fried foods and bbq.

The majority of our reviewers would best be described as omnivores bordering on pure carnivores so to ensure a balanced perspective we made sure all our reviewers had a chance to dine at the restaurant and then compare notes. Without question all our reviewers came away with something positive to say about the restaurant.

So what can you expect when you dine at Luna Rossa. You can expect creatively presented vegetarian dishes with flair, balance and a real eye for detail. The menu is not huge but certainly big enough to offer a satisfactory choice for everyone in your group. The dishes that include pasta show the true origin of the chef as the pastas are al dente, silky smooth and in perfect balance with their companion dishes.

Some of the dishes we tried included:

The marinated tofu triangles, light crispy and somewhat addictive.

Spring lasagna with mixed vegetables, perfectly cooked lasagna sheets with just the right mix of sauce and more importantly the right vegetables.

Cabbage dumplings, not our favourite dish but still competent

Millefeuille of cous-cous with fresh vegetables and balsamic glaze, a beautifully plated dish with real depth of flavour and exciting textures

One of our reviewers even had room to try the Tiramisù. An excellent interpretation and one well worth trying.

It’s hard to predict the success or otherwise of restaurants anywhere in the world, doubly so in the Philippines but if any restaurant has the ‘DNA’ to succeed it’s Luna Rossa. We wish them well.

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  • Best Bits:

    A great alternative if you need a break from all the Lechon

  • Worst Bits:

    Dishes sometimes lack flavour

Alona, Hontanosas Rd. Panglao, Bohol

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  1. Clod
    Clod says:

    Finally an Italian vegetarian restaurant, in Italian cuisine there are plenty of vegetarian dishes, in the expert hands of the chef Marina, you can eat meals, cared for both aesthetic and substance, the raw materials used are of quality and you can feel. Luna Rossa is a restaurant where you can enjoy the quality of the food, enjoy the beauty of the dishes and of being vegetarian food.

  2. Luca
    Luca says:

    When you walk up the few wooden steps and you enter Luna Rossa, you are in another world, a world of excellent vegetarian food, good mood and warmth. Marina’s cuisine is very simple and at the same time gorgeous and fine-looking. Eating out at Luna Rossa is one of the main reasons to be in Alona Beach.


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