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Our latest trip down to Alona beach was at the behest of newly arrived international guests who had a craving for seafood and sand between their toes after experiencing  their first visit to the  metropolis of Manila and several poorly timed flights. No grand plan was in mind other than a promenade along the beach to see which establishment had the best seafood on display. The best display that evening seemed to be purveyed by the Pyramid Restaurant so we selected our seats (not on the beach this evening due to the prevailing winds) where we could watch the passing parade of tourists and hawkers alike.

As seafood was the priority we selected some wonderfully fresh prawns and squid to be simply grilled and a side order of seafood soup and rice. At this stage of the proceedings I would like to pause for a moment and voice my concerns with restaurants who lose sight of their core business (to serve great food) and devolve into becoming just a tourist trap simply because they are in a prime position on a tourist strip. That’s exactly the impression we got at the Pyramid.

The food took ages to appear, was outrageously expensive at P630 for four prawns and P360 for one mid sized squid and when it did appear the lovely fresh seafood was quite unappetising. The squid cold and rubbery the prawns somewhat better in a pleasant garlic butter sauce. The soup insipid and lacklustre was served at the end of the meal and frankly we assumed they had forgotten about it. All in all the meal was uninspiring and left us quite disappointed.

The only mild highlight was watching the barman prepare a cocktail for one of the young ladies at our table and seeing enough spirits added to make an elephant comatose in minutes. We have eaten at the Pyramid before and we know they can do better. Simple seafood grilled and served on a beautiful beach is not rocket science and we hope our experience was just a moment’s slip up. One final comment is about pricing. Money is no object when you are looking for quality seafood but when market prices are quadrupled with little or any value add in a culinary sense it leaves you wondering.

Alona and the visitors to the area deserves better and we are sure the Pyramid can do better too.

  • Its on the beach

    A truly international class restaurant

  • Worst Bits:

    A typical tourist trap

Alona Beach, Brgy. Tawala Panglao Island, Bohol, Philippines +63917-3263743

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