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Social networks and blogs can be the spring board to the success or ring the death knell of restaurants nowadays with everybody with an internet connection having the capacity to write, blog or even harass an establishment. Often we read blog reviews that take one negative issue (street noise, lack of parking, unsmiling wait staff etc) and use this focus to completely destroy a restaurant. Often these reviews are spiteful and lack any balance. That being said it’s sometimes interesting to read through these reviews as they can often ‘tell a story’ about a restaurant or resort and can chronologically lay out a history of subtle changes.

One such restaurant is the Saffron Restaurant at the Amorita Resort. The history for this restaurant (based on blogs and reviews) shows many highs and sometimes lows. Changes of chefs, management styles and customer service. The one constant thing about the feedback though is the amazing position of the restaurant perched atop of the cliff overlooking Alona Beach.

The restaurant itself is very well laid out with a modern native design reminiscent of many resorts on Panglao. The location is undoubtedly the best position in Panglao and just for the view it’s well worth a a visit. The staff are obviously well trained and confident and the menu is typically ‘resortish’ with a wide range of offerings catering to their wide range of guests. Like most resorts on Panglao the menu ‘plays it safe’ with no offering standing out but everything delivered to our table was best described as ‘competent’.

On our review night we were joined by two other couples so we had a chance to try a number of dishes. Our party ordered the spring roll duo, crab cake and calamari to share for starters with the real winner being the spring roll duo. Fresh and light and obviously a real creation from the kitchen not something defrosted and deep fried. The crab cake tasted bland and not at all crab like as the fill ( to provide bulk) overpowered whatever crab was inside. All dishes were nicely presented and of good size.

Our mains election included Pizza, Nasi Goreng, Fish and Chips and a beef dish. Like the entrees the mains were well proportioned and nicely presented. If you had to choose the stand out main it would have to be the Nasi Goreng. Nicely spiced and an authentic mix of herbs.


Like so many other resort restaurants on Panglao there is nothing (we tried) that showed the chef was stretching himself. All dishes were a ‘safe’ bet but nothing to rave about. The resort has a modest but nice (overly expensive) wine list and the drink prices overall were on the extremely high side but this often happens with up market resorts. All in all the Saffron restaurant at Amorita is well worth a visit. Possibly try the restaurant for lunch so you can enjoy the stunning view. Enjoy!

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    One of the best locations in Alona

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    The food doesn’t match the view

#1 Ester A. Lim Drive, Barangay Tawala, Alona Beach Panglao Island, Bohol Trunk Line: +63 38 502 9002 to 03 Fax No: +63 38 502 9002 Email: inquiries@amoritaresort.comniresort

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