Sandugo 2014 – International Fusion Nights…A great success

Congratulations to the organisers of the recent International Fusion Night…A great success!!!!

Run in conjunction with Sandugo the event cleverly showcased an eclectic mix of international cuisine as well as a number of Bohol favourites. Establishing and running these events is never easy, especially the inaugural event but the organisers of the event managed to pull it off without a hitch. Great to have some live music and entertainment too! We initially heard about the event fromPaolo Rigotti who is a keen Foodie and worked with the committee to bring the event to fruition.


The success of these events is not and should not be measured just in terms of cash passing hands to exhibitors. Its all about promoting the industry and shouting out loud that Bohol has a vibrant food culture. Studies have clearly shown the importance that culinary tourism has in terms of destination decision making. Unfortunately Bohol was never really on the list when it came to culinary tourism. This event has shown that this is slowly changing. The food scene in Bohol has grown leaps and bounds over the last several years and while we are still not on the “A List” of food destinations we can now comfortably say that visitors to Bohol have a range of quality food offerings and won’t be disappointed.

The real proof of the success of the week long International Fusion Night was the smiles on the faces of Boholanos and expatriates alike mixing, socialising and sharing one common denominator, good food! The exhibitors were all keen and proud to show off their specialities and should be congratulated in pricing their offering so the dishes were accessible to everyone and allowed diners to ‘graze’ from stall to stall. We sincerely hope that this event becomes a fixed part of the Sandugo Festival and we wait in great anticipation for future events!


Gavroche Bakery – French pastries
Linaw – European Cuisine
T2 – European Cuisine
Ocean Suites – Mixed Cuisine (mostly European)
Olliwood – European (mostly German)
Helmut’s Place – European
Tarsier Botanika – Mixed International Cuisine
Totolan Castle – American (Southern Style) & some Asian
Woody’s Smokehouse – American (burgers & BBq ribs)
Jj’s Dimsum – Chinese (Siomai, Rice toppings, meat and vegetable meals)
Jojie’s Painitan – Filipino pastries
Binalot – Filipino Cuisine (adobo, beef tapa)
Panda Tea Garden – Filipino & Asian dishes
Casa Nova Garden – Boholano pastries
LGU Panglao – processed food (chorizo, bacon)
Egay’s Farm – Organic food & native chicken dishes
Bellevue – International
Amorita – International

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