Swiss Italian Restaurant (Port Tagbilaran)



The Swiss Restaurant near the port in Tagbilaran is an exercise in contrasts; freshly painted white walls competing with the lingering smell of tobacco, a small space devoid of ambience but offering the most deliciously rich dishes that pull you back time and time again. Beware…it’s highly addictive!

The comprehensive menu meanders through Europe with a great range of pastas and sauces, risottos, bratwursts, schnitzels and of course, the iconic fondue.

Servings are generous. We usually end up with ‘take home’ and order extra spicy meat balls to store in the freezer.

This particular evening I ordered a Penne Carbonara and my partner the unbeatable Cordon Bleu (pork schnitzel) with Smoked Ham and Gruyere.

I was asked if I would like an egg with my pasta. The raw yolk added an extra dimension of flavour and richness as it mixed through the dish slowly cooking.

A ‘design your own salad’ and complimentary bread completed a highly satisfactory meal.

This restaurant deserves to have greater patronage. It’s only busy when the owner is in town and holding court with his local friends. I think too, that this little establishment deserves a real name. I know the Swiss aren’t known for their imagination but just “Swiss Restaurant”!

Bearing in mind the contrasting elements mentioned at the beginning of this review it’s a tricky restaurant to score the star rating. But… just look at the rating for food.

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  • Best Bits:

    Real comfort food

  • Worst Bits:

    A tad tiered decore

On the right heading down to the Tagbilaran Port

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