The Great Aussie BBQ

As our readers well know we are self confessed carnivores so when we hear of an opportunity to express our innermost Neanderthal we can’t miss out on the opportunity. We understand that the Great Australian BBQ has been operating for some time but this was our first chance to visit the Alona Beach located restaurant.

The restaurant is located in front of the Bird Watchers Bar and offers tables on the beach and on the terrace. We opted for the beach seating and were greeted by the ubiquitous plastic chairs and tables but we were pleasantly surprised that real serviettes were on display with real steak knives. Things were certainly starting on the right foot! Unsurprisingly the menu is meat focused and offers a nice selection of ‘pub’ favourites both in the form of main courses as well as more lighter snacks.

Our guests for the evening chose the sashimi grade seared Ahi Tuna Fillet as well as the T-Bone Steak. My partner and I opted for the Lamb Loin Chops and the T-Bone Steak. Unfortunately we were advised that the lamb loin was not available but for an extra P200 we were offered a lamb rack which seemed an excellent alternative. We were keen to have a cold beer to start but you can’t beat red wine with a hearty steak. Low and behold the restaurant didn’t offer wine which we found perplexing and very much an oversight.


While waiting for our meals we noticed the soulful looks from a table of Koreans next to us. Their eyes seemed to tracked every movement out of the kitchen so we could only surmise that they had been waiting a long time for their meals and we worried this may also happen to us. As it happened the Koreans didn’t have to wait too much longer and there were shouts of glee when their meal arrived. The accompanying ooh’s and aah’s seemed to signify their satisfaction with their repast. Our meals were quick to follow.

The meals offered were VERY well portioned and hark back to the real pub meals you would experience in Australia. The sides of roast potato and greens were of significant size and the selected sauces were generously lavished on the plate. On the subject of sauces, we normally ask for our sauce to be served ‘on the side’. This is very much an American affectation, but one that holds good merit as in some instances the sauce is either not needed or it can actually detract from the meal as in this case. The sauces we received were not prepared with any delicacy and the cloying taste of bottled garlic was evident in all of them. This is a shame as it let the meal down somewhat. We suggest if you want sauce ask for it ‘on the side’ just to be safe. Also it would be nice to see the steaks cooked on coals not on gas. Top notch international restaurants are seeing the benefit in this age old cooking method and they are reaping the rewards with excellent reviews and increased customer traffic.


Back to the main course…The steak and fish were actually excellent. Both being perfectly cooked to our order and succulent as well as flavoursome. The lamb unfortunately, while well cooked, was tasteless and we were confused that it wasn’t actually served as a rack and was ‘messily’ trimmed. The sauce aside (bad pun) the meal was very satisfying and if you are looking for a ‘meat binge’ you should certainly consider adding The Great Aussie BBQ to your list! On another note – check out our Rants and Recipes article on burning plastic bags. This was one of the things that negatively impacted on our dining at the restaurant. While the Aussie BBQ didn’t seem to be the culprit nearby restaurants were!

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