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For some reason The Crab House keeps drawing my dining partner and I back time and time again and every time we see changes.

Since renovations started on this rather lovely property not only have the restaurant and bar been “cleaned up” but other additions such as an antique collection, (mostly for sale) a number of conference and private dining rooms and most recently, accommodation have miraculously appeared.

And the time, money and energy are paying off. The Crab House is a very nice venue and a lovely evening out.

While there’s plenty of variety to choose from a rather generous menu, for the purpose of this review we decided we should have the signature dish, crab of course.

After selecting our little victim (must be strong here) it went off for a steam bath and was delivered to our table with the sauce of our choice. Wondering if we were pushing our luck, we submitted our own favourite chilli sauce recipe which the very accommodating chef accepted and even improvised his own improvements.

Aah bliss! The crab itself was beautifully sweet and perfectly cooked although we do prefer this crustacean to be better cleaned of its “mustard”. I doubt this would be a problem if we remember to request it next time. Also we find it a bit unusual that the crab is not actually cooked in the sauce but this is possibly just a Pinoy affectation. In respect to the sauce. One possible serving suggestion is the steamed crab with a range of accompanying dipping sauces?

As well as the mandatory (sauce mopping up) rice, we also ordered Seafood Vegetables which unfortunately looked a bit grey and sad in presentation but proved to be quite tasty with an interesting sauce. The Chinese way of dealing with vegetables (par boiled then plunge in ice water before stir frying) gives a much better presentation and keeps the vegetables bright and fresh.

We were also rather relieved that we were spared live music accompaniment as sometimes the choice of performers has set our teeth on edge (sorry guys, a bit more practice needed).

All in all a lovely relaxed evening and as usual exceptional service from the team.

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  • Best Bits:

    Traditional heritage house

  • Worst Bits:

    Unfortunately like many Filipino restaurants they don’t bring out the best in seafood

Heritage Crab House Seafood Restaurant Mansasa Seaside, Tagbilaran City, Bohol PH: 510 2379

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